Focusing on key therapeutic areas


Equine Anaesthesia Campaign

One of the pillars of Dechra's strategy is focus on key therapy areas. This strategy enables us to broaden our portfolio, deepen knowledge and optimise customer support.

Dechra is recognised by specialists and equine veterinarians as a leading pharmaceutical company in equine anaesthesia. Sedation and anaesthesia are integral parts of equine veterinary practice and the availability of effective and safe veterinary anaesthetic drugs is of utmost importance.

Every anaesthetic procedure consists of four stages: sedation, induction, maintenance and recovery, each of them with specific characteristics and challenges. Dechra provides equine veterinarians with an extensive range of products covering each step of the anaesthetic procedure. Our equine anaesthetic range incorporates sedative drugs (Domidine®, Sedaxylan, Relaquine), opioids (Alvegesic, Morphasol, Buprenodale®) as well as induction and maintenance agents (Anesketin, Myorelax®, Iso-vet). The range is unique in its extent and, as well as being used during anaesthetic procedures, some of the products are also used for control of pain and therefore complement the strong position Dechra has with Equipalazone® in the field of equine pain management.

To support veterinarians further during anaesthetic procedures, an Equine Anaesthetic App has been developed in collaboration with a French key opinion leader in equine anaesthesia. The App is part of the equine anaesthesia campaign and has been built to help equine veterinarians choose the correct anaesthetic protocols and dosages. The App highlights Dechra's extensive range of products and dedication to equine anaesthesia. During the last year, sales teams across the EU have been specifically trained in equine anaesthesia and how our portfolio meets customers' demands.

With the equine anaesthesia product range, we want Dechra to be seen as the specialist and preferred partner in this therapy area, offering a wide range of high quality products as well as practical solutions and support for the veterinarian.