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TAF Spray Launch

Within our key therapy areas we aim to build a strong and compelling product portfolio with animal health at its heart. We also want to help our customers by providing tools that will enable them to treat animals more effectively.

Exploring: Six years ago Eurovet searched for a new product in locomotion, one of the key therapy areas in bovine, to support Cyclospray® which was at the time the European market leader in antibiotic sprays licensed for digital dermatitis (Mortellaro's disease) in cattle. We used our existing knowledge and experience to bring a product to the market which would be completely new to the majority of customers. A small team worked on the business case and, after a number of brainstorm sessions, it was proposed to use an active in the chloramphenicol group.

Feasibility/Development: After a number of pilot tests thiamfenicol was chosen. This molecule had the same characteristics as chloramphenicol but with none of the negative side effects and could be used safely and legally in animals; additionally it is used rarely in humans. A multi-disciplinary team was formed consisting of pharmacists, veterinarians, and formulation and manufacturing experts. There was an existing thiamfenicol spray licensed, but in one EU Member State only. The team was tasked to develop a product with dramatically improved characteristics for EU registration. These demands for a differentiated superior product resulted in a number of technical requirements, namely:

  • to change the colouring agent from blue to yellow to allow broader market acceptance;
  • to determine the exact formulation of the licensed product, which required skilled laboratory analysis, and the excipients to be used to avoid having maximum residue level (MRL) issues;
  • the spray characteristic needed to be superior; and
  • the quantity of active delivered every second needed to be within strict specifications.

Registration: The authorities of the Reference Member State supported our application for seven target species. During the process, communications with the regulatory bodies were smooth and efficient.

Launch: TAF Spray is being launched to markets from June 2015 onwards throughout the EU. The product positioning is as superior to Cyclospray due to the active ingredient being new to antibiotic sprays in all but one market and the new colour being visible and more consumer friendly. With high quality spray characteristics, we have gained another brand that will strengthen our position in this key therapy area and support Cyclospray sales. Our sales force is introducing the product with the marketing materials supporting the 'GO FOR GOLD' campaign and the technical story. Initial feedback from the markets is positive as Dechra is bringing an innovative product to the marketplace.

With this strict set-up for product development: brainstorming, multi-disciplinary development team and project planning, we have a proven track record of success in overcoming challenges during the product development cycle, of which the approval of TAF Spray is a recent example.