Dechra has a clear business model for delivering value to all our stakeholders:

  • Our market knowledge, regulatory expertise, strong reputation and management experience help us identify potential product development targets, in-licensing deals and acquisition opportunities.
  • Our skilled Product Development and Regulatory teams develop new products to meet customers' needs and achieve international approvals and registrations.
  • Manufacturing, which plays an integral part in the development of the formulation and dosage form, manufactures products as effectively and efficiently as possible to the highest standards of quality.
  • Our Supply Chain aims to provide the best service possible to our customers through effective supplier partnerships and integrated planning between the Manufacturing and Commercial teams.
  • Following registration and manufacture of our products, experienced sales and marketing teams in the EU and NA market our products directly to veterinary practices and indirectly through export partners.
  • This integrated approach of development, manufacturing and supply chain, and sales and marketing creates value for the business and our stakeholders.

Supply Chain and Partnerships


Product Development and Regulatory Affairs







Dechra Brand


  • European Veterinarians and Wholesalers
  • Export Partners


  • US and Canadian Veterinariansand Distributors
  • Export Partners

Creating Value

Product Development and Regulatory Affairs

Our integrated and entrepreneurial approach to product development aims to deliver new products successfully and efficiently in the shortest practical time frame.

Two Skilled Teams

The Product Development and Regulatory Affairs teams include skilled people with the expertise and experience to navigate the hurdles of the development process. Located across four locations, project teams manage the wide range of projects. Investment in state-of-the-art laboratories in Bladel and Skipton, each with their respective dosage form expertise, provides the resources required to develop novel and generic formulations cost-effectively.

Delivering the Pipeline

Our product pipeline is critical to our future success. Our novel and generics projects are very diverse, with the majority building on our key therapy areas. We invest when we can identify growth opportunities with a clear financial return and competitive advantage, focusing on novel therapies to treat unmet needs with intellectual property protection. Our approach aims to ensure we create sustainable growth throughout our targeted global markets.

Regulatory Environment

Our Regulatory team understands the different regulatory environments in which we operate, specifically the US and Europe as well as other international regulators. As the regulatory hurdles are increasing, we aim to ensure that our staff are updated and have detailed knowledge of current legislation. We strive to anticipate regulatory requirements to avoid delays to product launches or disruption to production.


Our manufacturing facilities provide a wide range of services which delivers the flexibility that the veterinary market requires. We also provide a complete range of products and services (i.e. a one-stop shop) for external customers.

One-Stop Shop

DPM offers an end-to-end service: formulation, method validation, stability testing, licensing support, flexibility in scale of production and packaging options to take products to market. The supply chain for the majority of products is short and we offer reliable high service levels. Our objective is to deliver exceptional quality control throughout.

Production Capabilities

DPM has a wide range of capabilities in terms of dosage form, packaging capabilities and production scale. We can produce low, medium and high volumes of almost all dosage forms to high quality and safety standards. We have great flexibility in producing to customer demand. Dosage forms include: tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, gels, sterile injectables, low and high volume powders and pre-medicated feeds. We can pack into sachets, tubs, bags, blister packs, tubes, bottles and jars. These capabilities are very important for the production of veterinary products where our licensed portfolio comes in many dosage formats and in various batch sizes. Relative to human pharmaceuticals, veterinary batch runs are often very small. A number of our licensed branded minor products are of such a small scale that it would be difficult to find a third party manufacturer to produce them at a competitive price if we were unable to perform the function in-house.

Product Development

The Pharmaceutical Development Laboratory is integrated with our production capabilities. The primary objective is to formulate and validate products for our in-house pipeline, which is a major benefit to the Group in order to shorten the time to get a product to market. Our technical expertise and development capabilities are also available to third party customers which helps to secure new business.

Third Party Manufacturing

In addition to manufacturing our own products, both Skipton and Bladel generate income through third party manufacturing. Although the clear focus is on Group manufacturing, third party manufacturing adds value by making full use of our unique capabilities and our installed capacity. Currently approximately 42% of output by volume is third party manufacturing.

The external offering includes product development, formulation, trial manufacturing, validation, production and packaging for both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Supply Chain and Partnerships

Dechra has grown significantly over the past few years, both through organic growth and acquisition, and has developed a number of different supply chain models to best serve our customers with pharmaceutical, care and diets products in worldwide markets.

In-house and outsourced manufacturing facilities deliver a range of different product types including solid dose, liquid and sterile injectables. Finished goods are stored and delivered to customers using modern warehousing facilities utilising the latest store, pick and pack technology and processes. Effective internal ways of working and strong external partnerships are key to the successful operation of our supply chains and is supported by our Dechra Values.

Our ambition is to continue to develop and grow scalable supply chain business models to meet the needs of our dynamic business. Our priority in the short term is to implement a global Sales and Operations Planning process across Dechra to integrate our business and drive supply chain performance.


DVP EU is committed to marketing products that support the work of veterinarians in many species.

We are expanding the Dechra brand through newly established subsidiaries within the EU and we will continue to develop our international presence through strong relationships with key partners.

Our Expertise

We have identified eight core therapeutic sectors where we leverage our expertise: dermatology, ophthalmology, equine medicine, anaesthesia and analgesia, endocrinology, cardiovascular disease, food producing animal antimicrobials, and therapeutic and maintenance pet diets.

In order to forge relationships with customers, technical meetings and seminars are held to provide a face-to-face programme to educate veterinarians on our key therapeutic sectors. Key opinion leaders, at both local and international levels, are recruited for seminars and presentations; additionally, webinars and online interactive educational tools are available on the DVP EU website.

Routes to Market

Our customers are principally veterinarians; however, in most territories the route to market is through wholesalers and, in a small number of markets, also through pharmacies. Our products are distributed through a combination of channels including direct sales, wholesalers and national distributor channels.


DVP NA markets, in the US and Canada, Dechra products for the companion animal and equine sectors that solve clinical problems and help veterinarians treat medical conditions.

Our Expertise

Our Dechra brand has gained momentum in the US and in Canada, building on our strong reputation for customer service, the quality of an expanding product portfolio, further education programmes on our key areas of specialisation and high quality technical support. We currently focus on five core therapeutic sectors: dermatology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, equine pharmacy and pain management.

Routes to Market

Our customers are primarily small animal and equine veterinarians, of which there are approximately 90,000, working in 26,000 clinics across the US. In Canada, there are approximately 5,000 veterinarians and 3,400 clinics.

In the US and Canada, veterinarians and clinics are primarily supplied through distributors. Our sales representatives promote and sell products directly, but also network and visit clinics together with these distributors.