The following items have been included in arriving at profit before taxation of continuing operations:

Cost of inventories recognised as an expense82,31980,632
Impairment of inventories included in above figure336672
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment
— owned assets2,4122,185
— under finance leases12
Amortisation of intangible assets19,12618,340
Loss/(profit) on disposal of intangible assets45
Impairment of receivables9748
Operating lease rentals payable2,6242,486
Research and development expenditure as incurred8,6718,248
Auditor's remuneration304477
Analysis of total fees paid to the Auditor:
Audit of these financial statements5050
Audit of financial statements of subsidiaries pursuant to legislation215230
Other services pursuant to legislation3033
Other assurance services329
Other tax advisory services634
Other services relating to transactions101
Total fees paid to Auditor304477