The divestment of the Services Segment was completed on 16 August 2013 for sale proceeds of £91.2 million. The costs to sell were £1.6 million (of which £1.5 million was incurred in the prior year), with an associated tax deduction of £0.1 million.

The Services businesses constituted a reporting segment in accordance with IFRS 8.

The results of the discontinued operations included in the profit for the prior year are set out below. The Segment was classified as discontinued operations and as held for sale at 30 June 2013.

Profit for the Year from Discontinued Operations

Cost of sales(44,519)
Gross profit3,740
Distribution costs(1,669)
Administrative expenses(755)
Non-underlying expenses*
Operating profit1,316
Net finance expense
Profit before taxation from operating activities1,316
Income tax expenses(296)
Profit for the year from operating activities1,020
Profit on disposal and related expenses38,711
Tax on profit on disposal and related expenses(100)
Total profit for the year from discontinued operations attributable to owners of the parent39,631

* Non-underlying items comprise amortisation of acquired intangibles and rationalisation costs.

See note 10 for the Earnings per Share split between continued and discontinued operations.

Cash Flows from Discontinued Operations

Net cash outflow from operating activities(14,210)
Net cash inflow from investing activities89,626
Net cash outflow from financing activities (including repayment of inter company funding)

Effect of the Disposal on the Financial Position of the Group

Intangible assets(1,049)
Property, plant and equipment(1,677)
Trade and other receivables(73,330)
Trade and other payables55,569
Net assets sold(52,382)
Consideration received87,500
Working capital adjustment3,702
Expenses related to disposal (including those accrued in the previous year)(1,576)
Net cash inflow89,626